Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate Edition

Windows Vista arrives tomorrow. While I'd normally mock Microsoft for copying Apple yet again, frankly I'm just really, really happy that Windows is getting a facelift. If you're a diehard PC user, Vista is most definitely a must-have upgrade that will literally transform the way you use that ugly Dell. While there's an insane amount of different versions available, you might as well go for the big dog — Windows Vista Ultimate Edition ($380 for full version; $250 for upgrade). It's got tons of new features, including a sexy new interface called Aero, a more intuitive user experience, instant search, enhanced digital entertainment for digital photos, music, movies and TV, and more robust security.

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administrator said...

Hi Benny, thanks for the comment on my blog. If you're still interested in exchanging links, let me know.
I've got Vista and I get on with it really well.